last modified June 8, 2023

My name is Jan Bodnar. I am the founder of ZetCode. I have been writing programming articles since 2007. So far, I have written over 1400 articles and 8 e-books.

I have worked as a Unix admin and a Java programmer. During this time, I have written my first articles. Gradually, teaching and writing has become my main work.

I have over eight years of experience in teaching programming. I have been giving Java and Python programming classes for the past eight years.


I have been in love with programming since my early childhood. My first experiments were in BASIC and Assembly over thirty years ago. Over the years, I have used many programming languages. Today, I strive to provide accessible tutorials for C#, Go, Python, Java, and JavaScript programming languages.

In order to stay healthy and productive, mental work must alternate with physical activities. I practice Tai Chi, Aikido, and Muay Thai. Work in the garden is a blessing. To combat the blues, I go for very long walks.