Java 2D games programming e-book

The e-book has 115 pages. It requires basic knowledge of the Java programming language. The e-book is written in plain English.

The code examples were tested on Linux and Windows. They were built with Java 11. After purchasing the e-book, you will obtain a ZIP file. In the ZIP file, you will find a PDF file and all code examples. The code examples are in the form of IntelliJ IDEA projects.

Once you make a payment, you will also get a confirmation email from Paypal. If something goes wrong with the payment process, drop me an email at vronskij(at)gmail.com.


The e-book costs 14 €.

About this e-book

In the Java 2D games programming e-book, we show how to create six simple 2D games in Java and Swing.

The following is covered:

In the Foundations chapter, we quickly mention some fundamental aspects of game programming in Java Swing, including the paint mechanism, graphics object, and frame rate. The Snake game shows how to implement the Snake game. It is a more complex version of the game than you find on the ZetCode's tutorial. In the Tetris chapter we implement the falling block puzzle game. In the Minesweeper chapter we show how to create a simple Minesweeper clone, in which the player's goal is to swipe all mines from the minefield.

The Balloons game is one of the best introductory games for learning about 2D games programming. It is simple, clear and teaches a lot about game programming. In the game we shoot balloons with an aiming target. In Flappy bird the player controls a bird which has to avoid pipes. In the Cannon game, we shoot planes with a cannon. The game is a classic example of a shooting projectile game. The game has an indicator of the power of the shot.


Here you can see some of the screenshots from the e-book.

Cannon game
Figure: Cannon game
Flappy bird
Figure: Flappy bird
Figure: Balloons
Figure: Minesweeper